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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I SPY Birthday Party!

This is the start of the sweet treats, I SPY table.

I SPY a Birthday Party...

Gotta have a cake with an I SPY riddle to solve.  By Samantha's Sweets
I SPY displays through out the house.  The birthday boy constructed all the I SPY displays, from his
own collection, with riddles to solve.  Interactive decorations are a fantastic element to any party!
The birthday boy was thrilled to be in charge of his party table decorations!  It's so I SPY!

Handmade I SPY birthday banner. 

Sweet treats table scape!  The popcorn machine is a wonderful
addition to any party.  The kids LOVE to watch the popcorn
pop!  If you don't have one, borrow or rent one.  They are
easy to use and so much fun!

I SPY riddle for the table scape.

So many fun elements!  I SPY display includes birthday boys name,
age and favorite things!  Cookie pops to match the color scheme.
I SPY gummies.  Candy bags to fill & take!

Sweet treats!

Food area with utensils, napkins, straws, etc.  Handmade sign
to match colors and theme.
More I SPY riddles!
Handmade napkin rings. "I SPY Joe's Birthday!"
Lots of I SPY activities, books and games.
Happy Birthday Joe!
Set the Scene...
The I SPY books are written by Jean Marzollo and photos are by Walter Wick.
I SPY displays with riddles, make the best decorations for this party.  Everyone really enjoyed all the wonderful little things to spy. 

Games & Activities...
    The main game for this party was an I SPY Scavenger Hunt!
Tips for the scavenger hunt...
  • If weather permits, outside is the best location.
  • Collect outside toys and items to hide around the yard.  For example---Frisbee, balls, bat, water toys, pieces to outside games, horseshoes, etc.  Outside items---leaves, flowers, water can, rocks, etc.
  • Write riddles for each guest matching the items you have collected.
  • Have a specific riddle for each guest to suite his or her skill level. Have parents help if needed.
  • Pass out the riddles saying, "I spy Joe, I spy Jake... and so on."
  • Have the guests collect the items and bring them to a helper with a pen to check off each item.
  • Place all items in a large outdoor bin for easy clean up. 
  • When each guest completes his or her riddle, they receive their treat bag and may also fill up a candy bag at the sweet treats table.
This is such a fun activity!
Sample riddles I wrote...
*  I SPY a baseball, a glove, a bat,
    A pirate, a rock painted blue and a saber tooth cat.
*  I SPY a racket, an umbrella, a pink glitter ball,
    A bowling pin, a canoe and 3 orange cones in all.
*  I SPY a bowling pin, Mickey's ball, a swing set,
    A pink flamingo, a shell and a butterfly net.
*  I SPY a yellow ring, an orange cone, a shell,
    A bowling pin, a red horse shoe and a pencil.

The color scheme was muted reds, blues and yellows.  We wanted the I SPY party to have an old fashioned carnival theme because that is one of the elements of the I SPY riddles and photographs.  I constructed the banner from red cord, card stock paper, craft stickers and cut outs.  Scrap booking elements are perfect for making banners.  I found old fashion carnival stickers and constructed  the decorations around their design. 

Sometimes when party planning, you will find an item that really sets off the theme.  Generate ideas from that element.  Match colors and designs for the banners, favors, treat bags, food and table elements.  Finding that one great item can be really important for pulling the main idea of the party together; especially if there are not standard items available for your party theme. 

Favors and Treat Bags
Since I SPY is not a typical party theme, you can't really find treat bags and decorations to match.  We made our own.
*Cookie pops with swirls of red, blue and yellow.
*Rock candy lollipops, (which have been featured in the I SPY books.)  My daughter calls them I SPY lolly pops. :)
*Candy sticks, (for an old fashion candy store feel.)
*I SPY fruit snacks, or gummies, from Kellogg's.

Treat Bags...
*We used white paper bags and stamped, with rubber stampers that looked like blocks, "I SPY Joe's Birthday!"
*We smeared the ink around with paper towel to give an antique effect.  This was not something that was planned, lol.  The ink would not dry well on the glossy bags, so we improvised.  Luckily it worked well and fit the theme.
*The kids placed the old fashioned stickers on the bags along with name tags.
*We filled them with a pack of I SPY fruit snacks, bag of chips and a paddle ball decorated with more of the carnival stickers.

Other ideas to fill treat bags...
*I SPY look and find tubes, books or activities.  Party City has a neat I SPY magnifying glass riddle activity available.
*Magnifying glass.
*A riddle with misc. items and tinker toys.
*Marble, blocks or magnetic alphabet letters.

The cake, from me, Samantha's Sweets, was a two tier fondant cake.  All the elements, with the exemption of the 8 candle, where made with edible gumpaste.  There was a riddle stamped on the side of the cake, matching a few of the items.  Seymour was on the side of the cake, (Walter Wick's character in his Can You See What I See book series.)

Sweet Treats Table...
I had so much fun creating this sweet treats table.  I used candy and colors to fit the theme.  The I SPY display was a fun addition. 


I SPY a great birthday party!

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