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*The Basics of Sweet Styling ~ Dessert Tables

Sweet Treats Tables...

Every party needs a great
                                                       SWEET TREATS TABLE!!!
This table should be an eye catching, theme matching, table of whimsical goodies and treats for your party guests!

First--Find a place at the party location that is accessible and practical.
Second--Decorate the back ground with fabrics, pictures, banners, balloons, etc.
Third--Decorate the table to match the theme. 
Fourth--Place the cake.
Fifth--Candy, candy, candy!  Choose candy that compliments the theme.  Have a wide variety with labels and placed in creative containers.  Have bags for guests to take home treats. 
Sixth--Cupcakes, brownies & cookies!  Have finger-food sweet treats or appetizers for adult parties.  Label them with tags that match the theme.

Make it fabulous, yet simple!  Let guests help themselves and enjoy!

  • (First) Set up the table where it will be accessible to all of your guests.  Make sure the table you choose will have enough space to display all of your goodies.  Choose a place with a nice back drop. 
  • (Second) You can use many different items to decorate the back drop of the table.  Large family photos or collages of your guest of honor make a meaningful display.  Banners with other decorations to match the party theme are great.  You may hang fabrics to give a cohesive look.  Artwork from the guest of honor is another way to create a meaningful display.  Finally, there is nothing wrong with using traditional streamers and balloons!
  • (Third) To decorate the table, start with an appropriate table covering.  Think first of the items that will be displayed.  If you are having items that may drip or spill, try a plastic covering.  Remember to protect your table.  You may use a wide variety of table coverings other than a traditional party table cloth, such as, fabrics, tissue paper, newspaper, wrapping paper or a combination of things. 
  • (Fourth) Place the cake.  Most likely the cake should be the centerpiece, on display for a dazzling effect.  As a cake artist, I may be a little biased, but I feel the cake is a main focus at birthday parties, since the tradition of singing, "Happy Birthday."  What is a party with out cake?  For those who do not share my passion for cake... cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies or brownies, can hold a birthday candle as well.  : )
  • (Fifth) I just love searching for candy that matches the party theme.  Choose candy that is a favorite of the guest of honor.  Shop around and plan ahead.  Look online and search Google to find different candy that may not be available locally. Have a wide variety, make sure there is enough for all your guests and do not forget to have some sugar free items available for guest that have specific diet guidelines.  For candy containers... 1st use items you may already have, to display candy.  Items such as glasses, mugs, mason jars, coffee cans, glass jars, baskets, cans, candy containers (like plastic cotton candy containers,) boxes, gift bags and more.  Decorate these items using things like card stock paper, scrap booking paper, scrap booking cut outs, stickers and tissue paper, to match the theme.  Use cute tags/labels to identify each item if you wish, especially those sugar free items and things with different flavors that are not labeled.  Candy bags:  Have theme matching candy bags available for guests to take items home.  Have a sticker label and marker next to the bags for name labeling.
  • (Sixth) Have a wide variety of sweet or savory finger foods to match your theme.  Check my Recipes page for some fun party recipes.