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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cute Valentine's Container Craft

It's craft time!
     Check out these cute Valentine's mini containers!  These are easy to make and the perfect size for a nice little gift.

You will need...
*mini Pringles container
*hot glue
*wrapping paper or colored paper
*decorations:  stickers, ribbon, etc.

1.  Cut wrapping paper to fit around the container...

Craft scissors are always a good idea!

 2. Hot glue in place

3.  Using more hot glue, attach some ribbon, stickers, what ever you like...

4.  Make it pretty!        

Add your style! 

Easy Valentine's Day Containers!
Happy Valentines and Happy Crafting!



Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pocket Buntings! Lumberjack and Plaid!

Oh the cuteness of my new POCKET BUNTINGS!  Available now on the
Sam's Sweet ARt Etsy ...

Red and Blue Plaid Party!

Personalize it!  Birthday number goes in the middle!

First Birthday Lumberjack

Monday, January 11, 2016

Latest Lumberjack Party Decor

My Lumberjack One banners are selling like hotcakes!  They are super cute and unique!
Sams Sweet Art

I use real lumberjack shirts with buffalo plaid, real twigs, jute twine, and woodgrain craft paper.

Lumberjack One Banner
SOLD!  Lumberjack Bunting

Lumberjack First Birthday Banner

Lumberjack Cake Topper
 Lumberjack Party Packs

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Country Valentine Dessert Table

Here is my Valentine's Day dessert table with country warmth and charm.

Here are some quick tips for decorating a country dessert table...

1.  Use antiques
2.  Paper doilies are always cute and country
3.  Use natural elements with country charm
4.  Keep the desserts simple and rustic
5.  Use traditional, old fashion candy
6.  Add some love

Keep it simple and sweet.
Life can be sweet!