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* Party Games and Activities

As a former teacher, I like to plan games and activities,         especially for children's parties.

"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" --Variations...
     There are so many possibilities for the traditional game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."
You can make it yourself or have a friend or family member that is good in art make the backdrop for the game.  You can order one or buy one at the party store to fit your theme, (there are many different ones available.)  Posters or cut outs will work great as well.

Here are some ideas...
Theme                               Idea

Pirate Party                        Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate
Ice Cream Party                Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream
Fireman Party                    Pin the fire hat on the fire man
Fishing Party                      Pin the Fish on the Hook
Island Party                        Pin the Coconut on the Palm Tree
Zoo Party                            Pin the Banana on the Monkey
Circus Party                        Pin the Red Nose on the Clown
Little Princess                     Pin the Tiara on the Princess
Cupcakes Party                   Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake
Astronauts in Space           Pin the Rocket on the Moon
African Safari                      Pin the Tail on the Lion
Pin the Cherry on the Sundae!
Party Games and Activities...
Ice Cream Stacking Game ~Ice Cream Party~
Fireman's Obstacle Course "Fireman Training" ~Fireman Party~
Movie Time!
Pick a great movie to match your party theme!
Book Swap Check In ~Book Worm Party~
Give a Book, Get a Book!
Do you know your African animals game ~African Safari Party~

Outdoor Party Games...

Fireman PartyCheck out the Fireman Party section of this site for game and activity information.  A fireman's training, obstacle course is the perfect way for junior fire fighter party guests to earn their badges and treat bags!

Scavenger Hunts! -Scavenger hunts can be made to fit any theme! 

Volley Ball! -It's always a good idea to set up a volley ball net for any outdoor party!  Everyone can play!

Camping Out!  -Set up a few tents and a campfire, and you have the perfect setting for a Campfire Party!  Tell the guests to bring their sleeping bags.  Even if you are not having guest spend the night, it can still be fun to pretend.  Don't forget the smores!

Croquet!  -Croquet is the perfect Spring activity for a fun little tea party!  Beautiful croquet sets (Sunny Patch makes a nice one) can be purchased online.  They make a great gift for the birthday guest of honor and a fun activity for everyone!

Squirt Gun Field Adventures!  -Set up a war zone in the back yard!  Arm your soldiers with squirt guns and fight!  A fun alternative to paint ball for the little ones.

Water Fun Zone!  -If it's hot and you don't have a pool... set up a water fun zone!  Include many different sprinklers, baby pools (for the little ones,) slip-n-slides, squirt guns and water balloons.  Set up beach chairs, towels and a lemonade stand for relaxing.  -Cool fun in the summer time!

Treasure Hunt!  -Hide that buried treasure, give the pirate party guests a map with clues and find that treasure mates!

Races! --Can't go wrong with a good race!  So easy to match your theme.  Sack races for a farm party, cheetah race for a safari party, ice cream cone relay for an ice cream party---just to name a few.

African Safari Party Games and Activities...

Coloring Stations!
For parties with young children, coloring sheets to match the party theme are a great way to keep the little ones busy in between games and activities!
There are a ton of great websites where you can print out coloring sheets of all kinds.  I usually Google my theme and coloring sheets, and I'm led to great websites with free printables.
*Set up a coloring station...
  • Use a table cloth to prevent damage to your table
  • Place several containers of crayons, markers and other coloring supplies on the table.
  • Scatter the coloring sheets to let them choose their favorites.
  • Have several different kinds to match your party theme.  *Some for the girls and some for the boys.
  • Have a parent or family member help at the table.  *Have the kids write their names on their work and place in their take home treat bags.
Great websites for coloring sheets...
Lalaloopsy Coloring Station

Make your own book mark ~Book Swap Party~

Animal Print Coloring Station

Craft Time:
*Having a theme matching craft is a great party activity, especially during the winter months.  Micheal's Craft Store always has a wealth of great craft ideas for parties.  Check them out at is another great website to order craft supplies for cute handmade details and crafts
Make an African rain stick!

Make your own Valentines!

Make your own Valentine's Day marshmallow pops!

Make an adorable watermelon gift bag!