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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Swap

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Read Across America is next week and it's got everyone thinking about BOOKS!

Being a mom and former elementary teacher, I am crazy about children's literature!  Children's books are the first experience with the written word for our little ones; capturing their imaginations and hearts.  Books are a very important part of our lives and should be appreciated and cherished.

Speaking of books, have you ever attended or hosted a book swap party?  They are a fantastic way to get new books for your kids, dump the old ones that have been read, and have some fun with friends.  Having a book swap party is not as complicated as it may seem.  Take a look at my Book Worm Party from a few years ago.  We had a great time!

Happy reading!

Click:  Book Swap Party

Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

    Even though the temperature outside is chilly, to say the least, and the the snowflakes are still flying...

Spring is right around the corner!

Springtime baby showers can be extra sweet and easy to plan. In the craft stores, dollar stores, and party supply shops, you will be surrounded by all things pretty and pastel. There are so many adorable patterns to choose from, such as floral, chevron, polka-dot, country shic, and so many more! You can find great bargains on Easter and spring decor everywhere you shop.

Spring Baby Shower Themes:

* Floral ~Pretty flowers are always a great idea for any shower.  My favorite part of a floral baby shower would be flower cupcakes. They make a beautiful display on a dessert table or even used as a centerpiece.  Here are some I have created over the years...

 Cupcake Centerpieces

*Spring Arrival Baby Shower  ~ Another great theme for a baby shower is BIRDS!  The whole idea of nests, nesting, baby birds, mama and daddy bird, makes for a wonder shower.  Here are some pretty cakes I have created with a bird theme...

*Moon and Stars Baby Shower  ~ This is always a good baby shower theme.  Lots of blue, white, and yellow for the color scheme.  You can also add gray and chevron for a modern flare. Decorations of puffy clouds, moons, and stars, go well with this theme.  Here is a cute cake and cupcakes I created...

*Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower ~ Any baby shower theme pulled from children's literature is simply a good idea. Choose favorite parts of the book to create decorations and sweets.  Here are cookie favors and a pretty two tiered cake...

There are so many more wonderful spring baby shower themes.  Check out my List of Sweet Party Themes page for more great theme ideas!



P.S.  Please feel free to ask questions in the comments. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Welcome to Parties With Cake!

Changing focus...
Welcome to my new, but old blog!  What I mean is, I changed the name and focus of my party blog. 
S S Party Theme is now...
Parties With Cake! 

What's a party without a cake?  In my opinion, it's not a party! ;)

New focus:
    *Cake Decorating and BakingTips
    *Party Help
    *More Fun!

This blog is still filled with tons of  information on how to throw a great party, but now I will be sharing more helpful information about baking and cake decorating!  My little way of giving back to a community that has served me so well. The baking and cake decorating community and my party planning peeps, have given me such love and support through out the years!  I really want to give help to others in my field by providing useful information that I have learned a long the way.
Follow me on Instagram, @samanthaeyth, as I have been sharing lots of great tips, from baking, to cake decorating,  and even home decors/crafts.
So look for lots of great information coming soon!