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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Shower by Janetta Smith

Baby Shower by Janetta Smith

     These pictures are from a baby shower for a very dear friend of mine. This was her third child and I'm a firm believer that every baby, whether it be the 1st or 5th, deserves to be celebrated by the mommies closest friends :)
      I have thrown several baby showers and I love them!!!! The shower was at my house so that really set the decor tone.  Since my house has more of a country cottage feel, that's what I went with.
     I honestly didn't know exactly what I wanted to do until I went shopping. I was just hoping something would catch my attention and that's when I found the plates. I never intended to do pink but I fell in love and the color scheme just kind of fell into place.
     From the plates came the napkins.  I prefer plain napkins because if you get solid colors and don't use them all there will almost always be an opportunity to use them again or offer them to someone else you know who is planning a party of some sort.   I used chocolate brown and hot pink napkins.
     I decided to skip the big elaborate cake. Who really wanted to stand there to cut and serve it? Not me, so I decided to do cupcakes on different heights of cake stands. I had this awesomely huge glass plate I found at a flea market and a tall sherbet glass, whose mate broke in the dishwasher a long time ago. I had seen on a DIY show where they had taken a plate, a glass turned upside down & some E6000 glue (found it at Hobby Lobby) and made their own cake stand.  So, of course, I had to give it a try! :) It turned out really good! The bigger cake stand in the picture is the one I made. I loved the effect the different levels of cupcakes gave when I used that one,  (a small square one that was shorter and a tiered plate holder.)  I made cupcake wrappers out of coordinating scrapbook paper.
Here's a link to the template I used...

   The green and pink stands and dishes, were things I already had, or borrowed from my mom.  I also had some small galvanized peanut buckets from a previous get together. I decided to paint pale green to match the plate stand, which had been previously painted by my mom for a different party of some sort. When I decided to use them for the silverware, I used craft paint to paint the words "Forks" & "Spoons" on them. The great thing is, next time I need them I can use a scrub brush to knock the loose paint off and paint them what ever color I need. I already had the green bowl, so I filled it with M&M's I bought at a party store that carried the packages of individual colors. I used the pink square bowls in the caddy, to fill with dipping sauces.       
     To keep things calmer for myself, I ran to Chick-Fil-A for a nugget tray.  It was so worth the money to keep from having to cook all that chicken and it was a huge hit!
     The only other decorations I brought in were the flowers. I went to the flower shop earlier that week and picked out some lilies and green hydrangeas to accent the tables. The day of the party I put them in vases with matching ribbon and on the middle tier between the cupcakes. A vase of flowers and an antique lap quilt, was all that decorated the gift table since it was soon to be filled with gifts. :)
     Friends who helped throw the shower, brought fruit for the rectangle stand and a veggie tray. Nothing was fancy, pretty simple actually, and the day was a nice relaxing time for everyone. I think the mommy-to-be had a very enjoyable day just hanging with the girls. :) 

Pictures and writing by Janetta Smith of Janetta's Cakery
     "If you celebrate lifes events you will have a life worth celebrating."

"Thanks so much for this wonderful party planning contribution Janetta!  It's a beautiful creation and super sweet!"  -Samantha

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