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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

African Safari Party Coming Soon!!!

As most of you know, in September, we will be styling an elaborate African Safari party for my 9 year old son!  I say "we" because, my son ~the artist~ is helping me plan every phase of this party.  He is so knowledgeable on African animals---I am so impressed and proud of him!  : )

Here is a sneak peek of our African Party Favors...
Safari Party Favors
African map, toy rifle, safari stickers and zebra pencil

So pleased with how the African Safari party favors turned out, I had to give a sneak peek. My son and I made them. He wants to go with an "old world" safari theme, and he's only going to be 9! That's my sweet baby boy! ; )

This is our "PARTY ON A BUDGET," so let's see the materials used and the cost...
Safari stickers:  $4.00---$1.00 each pack
Pencils:  $3.00---$1.00 each pack
Maps:  Free---printed from computer 
Bags:  $1.00
Twine:  $2.00
Rifles:  $1.16---.29 cents each pack ---Bought at Mary Lou's Party World--Greensburg, PA

The stickers, pencils, and twine were purchased at Micheal's Stores

Total cost for 14 safari favors:  $11.16--About .80 cents each!!!
That's pretty good, I think! 

Map image is from  --I have printed this maps for personal use and do not sell these favors to the public.  Image rights to The Safari Book 2011

More to come!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let's Plan a Party!!!

Safari Party ~ The Beginning

My son's birthday is coming up at the end of summer.  We have already began preparation for his African Safari Party!

My son is an amazing artist and will be helping me with the planning and artistic features of the party.  I am so excited to work with my baby boy and share his God given talents.  He has already drawn the sketch for his cake.  : )

Someday, maybe, I will plan a party with just a cake, ice cream and a few balloons, but for now...
We enjoy the planning and creative time together! 
We want to make it fun for the birthday boy and his guests, but unlike my daughter's Lalaloopsy party this past April, we will really strive to work on a fixed budget!

I'm really blessed to have creative kids who enjoy working with me! 

~Party tip:  Let your kids help in all phases of the birthday events.  It makes to day so much more meaningful!

Here is what we have been working on so far...

~So to save money, we decide to use the card stock we already have and draw on our animal print with markers and crayons.  We can use these for fold over labels with our candy and safari trail mix, food labels or tags.  You can buy animal print paper at a craft store or check out Piggy Bank Partie's Zoo Kroo Collection...

Make your own animal print paper!
Zebra:  White card stock with black stripes. 
Cheetah:  Yellowish brown card stock with various sized and mishaped black dots.
Leopard:  Black mishaped dots in a circle pattern with brown crayon in the center.
~Be sure to look off of a picture to get the spots just right.~

My son Joe made the leopard paper! 

We are collecting paper towel rolls to make rain sticks!  Tutorial coming next month!  Rain sticks are a cool African item that the kids will love.  Have the guests make or decorate them at the party.  We will be filling them with inexpensive items such as rice and peebles from the yard.
I may purchase zebra striped duct tape to wrap around them.  We will see if it fits in the budget. 

Our $3.00 find at K-Mart...
Rhino salt and pepper shakers---couldn't resist!

More "Safari Party" to come, so check back!

Some zoo shots we took!   Can be used for the party in various ways, such as the invitations, labels or other party decor.
African Ram

Water Buffalo


The Safari Boy