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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fireman Birthday Party!

It's An Emergency!!!
Fireman Party!
Fire Truck & Burning Building Cake  by Samantha's Sweets

Stop, Drop & Roll...
Firemen training!
Firemen training course!

-more firemen training.

Rescue the cat from the tree!

-through the tunnel!

Cool water balloon shots!

-end of the training course!
-Water balloons to throw at the fire target!

If you are able to set up a tour of the local fire department, that would be the perfect way to kick off the party.  Fire departments are great for giving tours to kids and they usually will give out hats, coloring books, erasers, key chains and more.  Try to set up a tour for party day.  Have the kids meet at the fire station first, for the tour, then proceed to your place for the party!  Have a back up plan just in case they get a call at the station. 
Or, if you know someone who is a fireman, ask them to come to the party and give a little demonstration.
Be sure to offer a donation to the fire station as a thank you and also in support of your community.

Set the Scene...
For this party, it's all about the fire!  I made tons of fire cut outs from construction paper.  I used red, orange and yellow, made a template of flames and started cutting.  I used red first, orange on top, then the yellow.  I placed them all around the baseboards, chair rail and windows in the house.  I also used them out on the back porch, fence and obstacle course. It looked like everything was on fire!  
I purchased paper cut outs of fire trucks at the craft store.  The kids and I painted them with sponges, using red, orange and yellow.  I attached fishing line, and hung them in several places. 

*Firemen Training Obstacle Course!
       Refer to pictures up top.  Use your back yard items and toys to create a training course.  Have signs up with simple directions.  Use emergency cones and caution tape to lead the way.  Have the kids take turns and time each one with a stop watch.  Award all kids a badge and treat bag upon completion of the course.  You may have a special certificate for the fire person with the fastest time, but remember a party is supposed to be fun!  It's not the time to teach lessons and learn about competition. 
      There are all sorts of options for activities through the course.  Use what you have! 
Here are some ideas...
*Swing set with slide-makes a good start.
*Gotta have a cat-in-the-tree
*Play tunnels
*Running zig zags through cones
*Use water balloons at the end of the course, to put out the fire!  Use a cardboard or wood, painted cut out of a fire; not a real fire of course. 
-A hose is just too much mess, water balloons are fun and easy.  A large squirt gun will work also. 
*Be sure to award each guest their fireman's badge and treat bag upon completion of the training course.

Fire, fire and more fire!  I described the fire decorations in the above section, "Set the Scene."
There are a variety of party plates, napkins, table clothes and favors for firemen parties available.  I used an assortment that I purchased online. 
Emergency cones and caution tape are great for decorations. 

Favors & Treat Bags:
I used bags I purchased online and filled them with an extra badge, fireman noise maker, fire ball candy and fire truck stickers. 
Every guest needs a fireman hat!

A fire truck cake with a burning building is the ideal cake! 

Sweet Treats Table:
Candy:  Fire Balls, Cinnamon Swirls and Red Hots.
Food:  Pizza, Hot Wings or Tacos.
Snacks:  Red Hot chips, Salsa & chips

Decorate the table with fire trucks, cones, fire ball candies, fire hydrants and fire hats.

    Try these great websites with your kids.  Share them with party guests by printing them on the invites.  Post links on the online invites for easy access.

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