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This is the TUTORIAL PAGE!
(More to come---work in progress)

Here you will find tutorials on 

*Cake Decorating
*Party Decor

I will be adding new tutorial links often, so be sure to check back.  Xoxoxo, Samantha

Baking Tutorials:
Easy Apple Crumble 
Snowball Cookie Recipe

Cake Decorating Tutorials:
How to Make Snowman Cupcakes

Gingerbread Tutorials:

Gingerbread House Tutorial

Cookie Baking and Decorating:
How to Make Button Cookies

Party Decorating:
Simple Ways to Decorated with Candy
How to Make Quick Party Treat Bags
Recycled Party Decorations
Recycled Fruit Cups for Party Containers
How to Make a Party Drink Station
How to Throw an Luau Birthday Party

Party Recipes:
Nautical Birthday Treat

Crafty Christmas Decor
Valentine's Day Marshmallow Pops
Easy Valentine's Day Containers
How to Make a Watermelon Gift Bag

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