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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drink Stations!!!

Beverages---Drink Stations, are so important for a great party!

Tips for a great drink station:
  • Think age appropriate!  --Be careful serving adult beverages at a kid's party---make sure they are kept in a separate location and labeled. 
  • Have a WIDE VARIETY of options for your guests! 
  • Always have water available.
  • Size control:  Little bottles work well for party to avoid wastefulness.
  • Cups:  Have a way to label cups to avoid confusion.  Some cups come with scratch in labels like "It's my Solo," from Solo.  Have wine charms for adults beverages or insulated holders in different colors for cold cans and bottles.
  • Think about your theme and make labels for all the drink containers----the possibilities are endless.  Used ribbon, card stock and party decor, to dress up the containers.  Use names that match the theme.  For example:  "Fuel Station" for a car themed birthday. 
  • Labels, labels, labels...
  • Remember to make it sweet and pretty!
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