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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ice Cream Party!

Ice Cream Party!
Hire your local ice cream truck to attend!  It's the perfect way to kick off the party!  There will be a fee for attending in addition to the cost of ice cream.

Ice Cream Party Games...
*Stack the Ice Cream  *Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Sundae
*Make your own sundae  *Decorate party hats & bags  *Ice Cream coloring sheets
*Ice Cream Cone Relay Race  *Ice Cream eating contest  *Ice Cream Pinata

Set the Scene!
Create an ice cream shop as a background for the guest of honor
to open his or her gifts.  Use an already made scene setter like this one
or create your own.  This scene setter was for a 50's themed party.
It made a perfect, old-fashioned ice cream shop.
After the games, presents and cake...
Put on some dance music and twist & shout!

Ice Cream Party Games...
*Stack the Ice Cream:  Purchase an ice cream cone stacker game like, "We All Scream For Ice Cream," made by Zwiggle games.  It could be an early birthday present for your child and then be part of the party fun!
*Pin the Cherry on the Sundae:  Create a large ice cream sundae or cone out of card board, then make a cherry for each guest (with their names on it.)  Then blind fold, spin and pin on the cherry.  You know the game.  *There are so many variations to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," for pretty much ANY party!
*Make your own sundae:  Of course you need an ice cream sundae station at your ice cream party.  Set up a wide variety of toppings, bowls spoons, napkins and cute decorations like...
-colorful candy sticks in jars
-cotton candy
-ice cream sodas with colorful straws (center piece idea-described below)
-jelly beans scattered
-ice cream parlor hats (also make a great favor)
-retro ice cream dishes
-straws in old fashion straw containers                        The possibilities are endless!
*Decorate party hats and treat bags:  Have plain hats and bags(with names.)  Have a table with glitter glue, ice cream stickers and other crafty supplies.  Let the kids make their own favors.  They love to be creative!
*Ice Cream coloring sheets:  Available online.  Have crayons and coloring sheets available at the craft table. 
*Ice Cream Cone Relay Race:  Use the cones and ice cream from the game or other play food.  Break the kids into two teams and line them up.  Have them scoop, run and deposit their ice cream into a basket about 2o feet away; as a relay race.
*Ice Cream eating contest:  No explanation needed.  Try it if you dare!  Warning-mess and hyper activity will occur.  : )
*Ice Cream Pinata:  Fill with ice cream candy treats or the kid's favorite candies.  Let the younger kids go first.  Whack it and fill up those treat bags that the kids made. 

Ice Cream Party Decorations...

A perfect centerpiece--  Take a large fluted glass vase and use a large, colored foam sheet to line the bottom part (inside.)  Stuff with newspaper or tissue paper.  On top, stack white fluff or cotton balls.  Paint stripes on a paper towel tube for a straw and insert.  Decorate with sprinkles or jimmies and top off with a large red gum ball as the cherry!

Table Scape--Refer to the section above under Make Your Own Sundae.  Make it cute!

Streamers in ice cream colors:  When I think of ice cream, the colors I envision are -white, -pink, -chocolate, -mint green, and -red. 

Cake:  Ice Cream Truck, Ice Cream Cone, etc.

Balloons, ice cream parlor hats, large ice cream cones fan outs, etc. 

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