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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mallard Duck Birthday Party

This Mallard Duck Birthday Party, was for my sweet husband...

Cake by me---Samantha's Sweets---I let my daughter frost the cake and do some painting on the duck.  I think she did a pretty good job.  Other decorations were made and planned by the kids as well.  This made the party extra special for Daddy!

hunting or duck theme is a great idea for a party!  We used decorative items from around our house; as my husband is an avid duck hunter.  We displayed duck decoys and duck calls on top of a duck decoy, wooden box.  We used real cat tails in a vase with river rocks, to give the table some height.

Featured snacks and treats:
    Favors---Caramel Cat Tails--Cow Tales with some extra decoration
    Quackers and Cheese
    Hunt for M and M's
    Pond Jerky
    Pond Peanuts  
    Cat Tail Kit Kats
    Mallard Mints
    Campfire Marshmallows
    Caramel Cremes, Star Light Mints, pickles and chocolate mushrooms

Mallard Duck on the Water Birthday Cake
with edible duck, rocks and cat tails

Mallard Duck Sweet Treats Table

Gotta have "Quackers and Cheese," "Cat Tail Kit-Kats," "Hunt for M and M's," "Pond Jerky" and "Pond Peanuts."

Caramel Cat Tails, pickles, chocolate mushrooms and campfire marshmallows

Mallard Duck Birthday Party -- Sweet Treats Table

Cat Tail Caramels for favors and real cat tails for decoration.

Make these adorable Caramel Cat Tails...
1)  Using colored card stock, cut out brown cat tail shapes and long green strips for leaves.
2)  Tape brown cat tail piece on the top, leaving a bit of the Cow Tales treat sticking out.
3)  Tape leaves around the base of the Cow Tales and place in a container for display.

Drink station with birch beer, treat cups and camo party items.

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