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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Welcome to Parties With Cake!

Changing focus...
Welcome to my new, but old blog!  What I mean is, I changed the name and focus of my party blog. 
S S Party Theme is now...
Parties With Cake! 

What's a party without a cake?  In my opinion, it's not a party! ;)

New focus:
    *Cake Decorating and BakingTips
    *Party Help
    *More Fun!

This blog is still filled with tons of  information on how to throw a great party, but now I will be sharing more helpful information about baking and cake decorating!  My little way of giving back to a community that has served me so well. The baking and cake decorating community and my party planning peeps, have given me such love and support through out the years!  I really want to give help to others in my field by providing useful information that I have learned a long the way.
Follow me on Instagram, @samanthaeyth, as I have been sharing lots of great tips, from baking, to cake decorating,  and even home decors/crafts.
So look for lots of great information coming soon!


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