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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Book Swap Party!

Book Swap! 
     Having a book swap at home or school is always a good idea.  Give a book, get a book...  it's as simple as that.

Here's a look at a Book Worm Party I threw as few years back...

Book Worm Party!

Create a fun dessert table with yummy treats!
Check out the napkins displayed to look like a book.  Just place regular white napkins in between large colorful party napkins to create the look of a book. ;)

 Provide some great snacks like veggie chips, yogurt raisins, pretzels, and apples.  Don't forget something sweet like cupcakes and gummy worms!
 Create cute a simple cupcakes for your book worm party by placing sour candy worms on top of sprinkled cupcakes.  Easy and fun!

Make your own bookmark is a great activity!
Provide some for kids to take home.

Make the party a BOOK SWAP, by having kids bring their unwanted books for trading...
Have tickets available on check-in.  Provide one ticket for each book.  

Gather the books together and display.
After the kids eat some snacks, play some games, and make their book marks, it's book swap time!  Let them choose one at a time and take turns. 
Provide sturdy bags with a place to write their names.
Use the "give a book" "get a book" method to organize the swap.

A Book Worm Party
is a great way to get kids excited about BOOKS!

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