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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Party on a Budget

Party Planning Tip #1
     for a party on a budget...

My favorite party planning technique is, what I like to call,
      "Use what you HAVE!"

Let Me Explain...
    When you are planning a fun party for your child, the theme chosen is usually something your child LOVES.  In that case, go directly to your child's ROOM; do not pass GO, do NOT collect $200.00-- ;)

     In your child's room, you will hopefully find tons of party props!  Party props can be used for a whimsical dessert table, party décor or even party games.

For Example...
      In planning my son's safari party last year, we used many items such as...
We used our antique roll top desk for a old world safari desk; using items we had around the house...
old world style lamp
old flask
safari hat
leather book

We used our end table for a sweets and party favor display.

A basket is useful for so many party themes!

Suitcases are great for displaying dessert items.

 Household Items...
We just used our every day bowls and containers, to hold the different types of candy and treats.

Borrow from a friend...

My sweet friend Jenny from, let us borrow African items from her collection...  Thanks Jenny!

Recycle and Reuse...
  Use old party supplies for a new look...
Here we used a left over grass skirt from tropical party, as a cool back drop.
Then I used everyday place mats and some left over burlap to finish the look.  That's blue lemonade KoolAid for the "water."  It looked great!

So that is what I call... "Use what you HAVE!"  You can put together a great party using things you already have.  It just takes a little creativity and the money you save will be amazing!!!  

My son's next party is North American Hunting, and I will be using all of his hunting supplies and taxidermy for party décor!  I don't have to purchase anything except for the plates, cups, etc.  I can't wait to share this party with you!  Check back mid September for photos!  :)

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