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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From Thanksgiving to Christmas

Transforming your decor from season to season...

This year, I totally wanted to simplify with the whole decorating thing.  Samantha's Sweets has been very busy in the kitchen and family time is ultra important.  I didn't want to spend hours decorating for Christmas, so I just transformed my Thanksgiving decorations into Christmas!

Fireplace Mantel...

Fall ~ Thanksgiving
I filled some large mason jars with stones, mini pine cones and sticks from the back yard.  I added a few sparkly pumpkins and a vintage pitcher with more sticks and beach wood.  Simple and inexpensive.

For Christmas~

We added some snow sparkle inside the jars and used glitter spray and snowy glitter on the sticks.  Just spray and sprinkle, for winter touched sticks.  The Nativity is placed not under the tree, but front and center for all to see. 
~Because Jesus came, we have to much to be thankful for.  : )

Dining Room...

 To Christmas~
 I changed the table runner, brought out the Christmas dishes, changed a few accents and added snow sparkle instead of the pine cones for the wine glasses.  Now I need to purchase more wine glasses for our next get together--but a worthy sacrifice none the less. ; )

I just took out the Fall colors and added some red berries and a little snow sparkle.  I also added my vintage measuring cups, cookie cutters, snowman cupcakes and a gingerbread J Peg from Jenny ~ available on

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