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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

African Safari Party Coming Soon!!!

As most of you know, in September, we will be styling an elaborate African Safari party for my 9 year old son!  I say "we" because, my son ~the artist~ is helping me plan every phase of this party.  He is so knowledgeable on African animals---I am so impressed and proud of him!  : )

Here is a sneak peek of our African Party Favors...
Safari Party Favors
African map, toy rifle, safari stickers and zebra pencil

So pleased with how the African Safari party favors turned out, I had to give a sneak peek. My son and I made them. He wants to go with an "old world" safari theme, and he's only going to be 9! That's my sweet baby boy! ; )

This is our "PARTY ON A BUDGET," so let's see the materials used and the cost...
Safari stickers:  $4.00---$1.00 each pack
Pencils:  $3.00---$1.00 each pack
Maps:  Free---printed from computer 
Bags:  $1.00
Twine:  $2.00
Rifles:  $1.16---.29 cents each pack ---Bought at Mary Lou's Party World--Greensburg, PA

The stickers, pencils, and twine were purchased at Micheal's Stores

Total cost for 14 safari favors:  $11.16--About .80 cents each!!!
That's pretty good, I think! 

Map image is from  --I have printed this maps for personal use and do not sell these favors to the public.  Image rights to The Safari Book 2011

More to come!!!

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